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Diving into laminate floors means you’ll find a beautiful material that meets a variety of décor-matching needs and interior designs. But it also allows you to protect your floors at the same time, with incredible durability, even in an active household. Being able to combine the two means that you'll truly benefit from all that this floor covering has to offer. With the look of solid hardwood and all-natural stone, you will enjoy the simple elegance that meets so many needs. These appearances offer realistic species appearance, stain color, texture, and more, along with a protective top wear layer. And many other benefits make it a great addition to your home.

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Durability has always been a significant factor for homeowners choosing a new floor covering, and we know that hasn’t changed. Laminate floors offer fantastic, affordable durability that not only functions well but looks great doing it. You can choose the top wear layer thickness you want to bring you the scratch, scuff, and stain resistance you need.

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With a lifespan that can range from 10 to 25 years, depending on the options you choose, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your new flooring. Even with pets and children, you are likely to see fewer signs of daily wear, even in locations that are highly traveled. At the same time, you’ll love the way it looks and performs in private spaces such as studies and bedrooms as well. These floors are great to install over a variety of subfloors, and sometimes over radiant heating, so long as all requirements are met. The installation process is quick and easy, and you’ll also find it a simple task to keep these floors looking great. Simply a broom and mop can clean up almost any mess, but for broader cleaning needs, be sure to consult the manufacturer for the best cleaning solutions. As a laminate flooring retailer, Fredericksburg Hardwood Flooring Supply LLC offers an extensive selection of flooring materials and services for every homeowner and their needs. If you are a resident of Fredericksburg, VA, Spotsylvania, VA, Stafford, VA, King George, VA, Orange, VA, Lake Anna, VA, Culpeper, VA, Locust Grove, VA, Westmoreland, VA, and Fauquier, VA, you can visit our Fredericksburg, VA showroom location to take advantage of all that our professional associates can do for you. When you’re ready to dive into laminate flooring yourself, be sure to see us, no matter what size your project.